Thursday, April 2, 2015

DIY: Diaper Cake

Today I'm sharing a diaper cake I made over the weekend for a sweet coworker. She is expecting her first baby boy! Another gal and I at work have been planning a low key surprise lunch shower for her with everyone in our research center. I wanted to do a diaper cake as my gift so I began searching for tutorials on Pinterest. I didn't find any that were fully comprehensive for what I wanted so I borrowed from a few different ones: rubber duck diaper cake and baby boy diaper cakes. In the end, you will see that I pretty much figured it out as I went and believe me, it is not perfect! But I am so pleased with how great it turned out!!!
Sorry for the poor lighting in some of the photos! I was trying to take these without Tucker getting into it!
The supplies you need vary depending upon how big you want your diaper cake; if you want to use white diapers or cover with blankets; or other accessories. I started by going to Marshall's. I was looking for a stuffed animal to put on top and any other little accessories to add to the outside such as: teether, rattle, pacifiers, blankets as stuffers, etc. I found the stuffed giraffe, 5 pack of blankets, and monkey teether/rattle for under $20! The giraffe and monkey worked perfectly with the blanket set which had a safari animal print theme.
From there, I headed to the Dollar Tree. I purchased cardboard tri-fold poster board, a card, baby boy ribbon, bows, 2 packs wide blue ribbon, 1 pack wide yellow polka dot ribbon, 3 rolls thin orange/yellow ribbon, and crimped paper filler in multi color (Easter was the perfect time to find this).
Finally, I headed to Target to grab a pack of diapers. From the tutorials I read, they used an 88 pack of diapers. This made three tiers. For a smaller diaper cake, I would by 40-50. I also bought Newborn size diapers which made it a little more challenging! Next time, I would buy size 1 or 2!

For a comprehensive list, here are the supplies I used:
-stuffed animal as topper
-blankets as tier covers/fillers
-monkey rattle as outside decoration
-2-3 rolls wide ribbon
-2-3 rolls thin ribbon (wrap around wide ribbon)
-3 bows for each tier
-1 pack paper stuffing
-scotch tape
-double sided tape
-1 roll clear cellophane
-88 diapers
I started by cutting out three circles from the cardboard. I know this is super scientific (I hope you're reading my sarcasm here), and I realize now I should have measured them once I cut them but I didn't have a ruler. Here is what I used to cut out each one (don't laugh...too hard):
1. Large circle: Pampered Chef pizza stone
2. Medium Circle: Fruit bowl
3. Small Circle: Round cake pan
Here is the process I followed. Again, this was my first diaper cake. If I was going to make this again, I would do a few things differently.
Step 1: I started by folding each diaper and tying with yarn. That got exhausting quick! I followed this method for the middle and top tiers. For the bottom tier, I took the remaining diapers and arranged them in a circle standing on their side (sorry I forgot to snap a pic).
Step 2: After arranging the diapers to fit the circle, and making sure it was full, I tied the outside with yarn to help hold it together. For the bottom and middle tiers, I used the two extra blankets as stuffers in the middle.
Step 3: I ran into trouble when I went to wrap each tier with the blankets. The blankets weren't long enough to wrap around the circle, except for the small, top tier. Instead, I flipped the diapers upside down on top of the inside of each blanket. Then, as neatly as possible, gathered the extra material around the base of the cardboard circle and taped it in place. I hated that some wrinkles were present but in the overall product you don't really notice. For the small, top tier the blanket was long enough to wrap around and then gather/tape on top.
Step 4: Add wide ribbon around each tier and tape. Repeat with thinner ribbon on top. Add bows, ribbon, etc. in front.
Step 5: I used double tape and scotch tape to secure the giraffe on top of the cake. I then tied a bow around his neck with the remaining ribbon. I stuck the ring portion of the monkey toy in between the middle and top tiers and tied it with a ribbon also.
Step 6: Around the top of the bottom tier, I placed double sided tape in short portions. Then, I stuck the paper filler in between the two tiers and to the double sided tape, to help it stick. Between the middle and top tier, I just stuffed the paper filler between the two tiers. I did the same underneath the giraffe.

Step 7: To help keep the cake in tact and the paper filler from falling everywhere, I wrapped the cake with a roll of clear cellophane and used the extra roll of wide ribbon to make a bow at the top!

I think it turned out exceptionally well for my first attempt at a diaper cake! Next time, I would either use white diapers, which don't have to be wrapped with blankets, or I would look for longer blankets. I do love the blanketed look though, so I would recommend finally longer blankets. I'm not sure what the dimensions for these blankets were but a tutorial I read online later suggested using at least a 30"x30" blanket.
Well, what do you think? Have you made a diaper cake? How did it turn out?
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