Wednesday, April 1, 2015

DIY: Easter Bunny Bunting

Today I'm going to share a DIY Easter Bunny Bunting that I made in a total of 10 minutes!
This might be the cutest and simplest bunting I have made to date! I used this simple template that I found on Pinterest. You can check out my Easter board here.
I have a great pack of holiday scrapbook paper. I chose three different Easter patterns and cut out three bunnies from each pattern for a total of 9.
I whipped out my hot glue gun, fluffed up some cotton balls, and added one to each bunny.
I punched a hole in each ear and strung some purple twine through...and voila! Easter bunny bunting!
I picked up a white Easter garland with eggs from the Dollar Tree back in February as soon as they put out Easter decorations. The good stuff goes fast so I got all of my Dollar Tree Easter décor when I bought my St. Patty's stuff.

I wrapped the garland neatly (as neatly as I could) around each bunny and let it hang off the end. I think it added the perfect touch! How cute!!!
Oh, and how cute are those egg picks in my St. Patty's Day turned Easter faux flower arrangements?!
The green vases and white roses were from my St. Patrick's Day décor. I found the egg picks at the Dollar Tree. I bought a small pack of 5 and a large pack of 4. I love them!

And there you have it! Friday, I'll be sharing all my Easter décor, along with my favorites from the week!
You can check out my other holiday buntings below:

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