Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Life Lately: Trip Home + Easter 2015

Hey there friends! Life is starting to slow down a little bit for me after what seems like a month worth of non-stop, back to back, travel. Last week was a great one so I'm recapping it all in one big post below:
The CATS pulled out a win against Notre Dame in the Elite Eight! I supported them all week with touches of cobalt blue in my wardrobe!
Denim: {JC Penney} Chambray: {Marshall's} Scarf: {Francesca's Collections} Loafers: {Topshop}

Black Denim: {Versona Accessories} Cobalt Plaid Button-Up/Cream Vest: {Old Navy} Gold Loafers: {Walmart} Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique}

We headed out Thursday afternoon for Kentucky...home sweet home! 

Peach Tunic: {Versona Accessories} White Denim: {JC Penney} Gold Loafers: {Walmart} Statement Necklace: {Versona Accessories}

Friday we were off to Lexington to visit my aunt in the hospital, have lunch at one of our favorite local places, and hopefully hit the race track! We are very rarely home when the horses are running at Keeneland but Friday was opening day.

After lunch selfie at Ramsey's! Unfortunately, it came an absolute monsoon all day/night and was pretty chilly. We hit the mall instead to pick up some UK gear.

Our favorite find? For our sweet little Tucker of course. We are ridiculous! But this super cute Kentucky jersey for little pups was too cute pass up. Plus, it had my old basketball number on it so, duh, we had to get it.

I mean, how cute!

The V-neck kills me!
We spent Saturday visiting our sweet friends from small group back home. It is so great to be in community with friends who are Christians and live it out daily. We miss that so much and are still working to find that in North Carolina. We definitely got our baby fix...and maybe a little (or a lot) baby fever!
Saturday night we watched the CATS play in the Final Four. It was a bummer of a loss but it was a quick turn around to the best day of the year...when we remember Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and his resurrection from the tomb, that we have hope in Him and eternal life.

I didn't purchase a new dress for Easter this year. I have soooo many dresses I decided it was ridiculous when this beauty worked just perfectly! I got a lot of questions on Instagram where this dress is from. It is from Belk, summer clearance, a couple of years ago. I scored this beauty for less than $10 and it was originally $70!

We snapped a few pictures after church. How thankful I am for such a sweet, caring, godly, and loving husband who forgives me for where I fall short just like Jesus does.

Me, my MIL, and Travis

Me and the cutest nephews there ever were!

Travis and our nephews.
Giving my littlest nephew a few hints for the Easter Egg Hunt :)

The SIL, hubs and me on Easter afternoon.
A lot of people asked about this gorgeous kimono I'm wearing. It is from Francesca's Collections last fall and it is my favorite!!!
After church, we attended two Easter dinners at each of Travis' grandparents homes. Then we went to yet another dinner back at my parents house with my grandparents.

Tucker's first Easter basket!

My little Easter bunny!

We had an absolutely wonderful Easter back home with our families. Last year, we didn't travel home for Easter and we regretted it. It is a time when we remember God's greatest sacrifice by sending his one and only Son to die on the cross for our sins and raised him from the dead three days later. We have a living Savior who is alive today and gives us hope for eternal life and his future coming. It's a great time to be with family and remember what life is all about.

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