Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Life Lately

Last week we celebrated the life of my sweet Papaw, Garnett Cinnamon. He was 85, going on 86, and had been sick for quite some time. We are glad that he is now rejoicing with Jesus Christ and reunited with his parents and brothers. We have peace that he is no longer in any pain or suffering. But we grieve because we will miss him. He and my Nana celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary last fall and I know she will miss him dearly.
I am so thankful he was able to attend my wedding and graduation in the past year and a half. No matter how sick he was, he never once complained. In the 24 years I knew him, I cannot recall a time when he ever raised his voice, made a complaint, or fussed about his grandkids running around everywhere.

These are Papaw's poppies that were planted by his mother, Mary Lou Crossfield, when she resided where my grandparents live now, on the farm. I have a multitude of childhood memories at Nana and Papaw's. We never went hungry, had ice cream anytime of the day, played whiffle ball in the yard, had picnics on a sheet under the tree, and Papaw never failed to have my pink Barbie car charged to zoom around in. We fished on the pond, had weenie roasts back in the field, and stripped tobacco (or the adults did anyways). We drove trucks through the field and road in the bucket of Papaw's tractor anytime we could.
I couldn't have asked for a better Papaw. I am so thankful I had more time with him, to get to know more about him, his testimony, and strong faith in Christ. He was a man of few words but his life speaks loudly and is a testament to his relationship with Jesus Christ.

My Nana was going through some things of my grandfather's and shared this box of love letters that my great-grandparents (Papaw's parents) used to write to one another when they were courting. They were over 100 years old!!! And the sweetest to read. It was so neat to read the words written by my great grandfather who I never had the opportunity to meet.
While we traveled home to Kentucky for the funeral and to spend time with my family as we grieved, we were able to take an extra day off and celebrate Travis' birthday which was last Thursday. We headed to Lexington together for lunch at one of his favorites, Malone's, and ice cream at Graeter's.
Thursday night, Travis' parents took us to eat to celebrate his 27th birthday!

My sweet In-Law's
Travis' grandmothers made him banana pudding and got him a birthday cake. We celebrated with his family Friday night.

Our nephew Carson had to light the candles.

Tucker was "slightly" distracted by Carson's candy!
It was also nice to be home for Mother's Day, even though we had to leave early Sunday morning. My parents took us out, along with my Nana and her friend, Saturday night. If you can't tell, we eat A LOT when we go home!!! But it's so nice to see everyone. More than I enjoy the food, I enjoy catching up with family.

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