Thursday, May 14, 2015

Travis' 27th Birthday

Yes, I threw a birthday party for my husband...yes, I just said husband...and yes, you read that title right...he turned 27 a week ago today. I love crafting, decorating, and baking so I had planned for some time to put together a little birthday surprise for him. Last week we were home and celebrated with our families then. I still wanted to put this little "party" together for him, especially since I had already purchased everything and his gifts had been wrapped and hidden under the bed for 3 weeks!
I'll do a supplies list at the end of this post with details of everything I used and where I purchased it. The majority of items came from the Dollar Tree, Walmart, and leftover party supplies from last year.

I was somehow able to miraculously whip all this together in less than 2 hours including these delicious Mountain Dew Cupcakes!

I posted my Mountain Dew Cake recipe last year for Travis' birthday, and I have been making him this same cake for years now, so I decided to switch it up and do cupcakes. I followed my original recipe for a bundt cake but separated it into fun party cupcake liners instead. I wanted big cupcakes, not puny ones, so I double scooped (using a cookie scooper) which made only 18 cupcakes instead of the typical 24. But believe me, that was plenty for the two of us!
The original recipe calls for a glaze, not icing, so I used this Mountain Dew Cake frosting recipe. It turned out really runny so I added another 1/2 cup of powdered sugar at the end. That, along with letting the cupcakes cool (I did this all in under 2 hours remember), using unsalted butter instead of margarine, and following directions properly probably would have avoided the runny icing debacle 5 minutes before Travis was supposed to walk in the door....but anyways! 

I'm not sure at what point I decided on a royal blue and lime green theme but I picked the paper products up at Walmart

This candy bouquet was so fun to make...#not. To be fair, I made this early last week when I wasn't in the best mood or emotional shape but it stressed me out! The hot glue kept cooling off and the skittles boxes wouldn't stay together. A couple of ponytail holders later and I said good riddance. Overall, it was pretty simple, and cheap, to make. And it's a cute gift no matter the occasion!

I cut out a 5x7 piece of the gift wrap and slid it into a frame just for decoration. I also slapped a bow on the box of Red Bull just because I had an extra one and #whynot. I picked up the birthday hats at the Dollar Tree and broke 4 of them within 30 seconds of trying to one on. Note to time buy better birthday hats at Walmart or Party City (if this was a legitimate kids party or something).

I colored my buttercream icing using 5 drops of yellow and 1 drop of green (lime green instructions on the back of the food coloring box saved me) and topped with lime green sugar sprinkles.
Funny story about the cupcake display holder. We received one off our wedding registry almost two years ago. I had taken it out of the box when we moved in so it would fit in the cabinet but had never assembled it. I tried assembling it last week and it was broken. It suddenly dawned on me that we had a Bed, Bath and Beyond a couple of streets over from us. I jumped in the car, took it back, and explained that I didn't have the box or receipt but it was a gift off our registry. Long story short, after 3 employees searched for 30 minutes in store and online, I realized it was from our Macy's registry, not BB&B! I was mortified...I politely admitted my mistake to the cashier and humbly walked out. At that point, all I could do was LOL. This was shortly after my fight with the candy bouquet...
Walmart had this cute 13 cupcake display holder for $13. I snagged it in a pinch and it worked perfectly!

Travis was pleasantly surprised and loved his UK vest, baseball video game, and candy bouquet.

He better eat every last piece of that candy bouquet! {I'm not bitter about it...can you tell?}

Tucker & I had to take a picture to prove that we were there and all my our hard work paid off! Excuse Tucker's hair...he has an appointment at the groomer's this week.

I snagged these "Happy Birthday" candles at the Dollar Tree.

Happy 27th Birthday Travis! Tucker & I love you so much!

Birthday Hat Selfie!
Supply List:
Dollar Tree:
-Gift wrap/bows/tissue paper
-Birthday Card
-Blue/white pattern plate
-Birthday hats
-Candy for bouquet
-Floral foam block for bouquet
-Food and supplies to make Mt. Dew Cupcakes and frosting
-Red Bull
-Happy Birthday streamer and banner (old, last year)
-Cups, forks, straws, plates, and napkins
-Cupcake holder
-Wooden dowels for candy bouquet

And for your comic relief (as if this post hasn't been one already) here are a few outtakes from mine and Tucker's photo shoot:

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