Tuesday, June 23, 2015

4th of July Decor

I'm back with another deco mesh wreath and holiday garland! This time it's for 4th of July!
I always peruse the Dollar Tree décor aisles as soon as the new seasonal items come out to get the best items before they're picked over. I grabbed the following supplies:
-2 mini rolls of red deco mesh
-1 mini roll of blue deco mesh
-1 mini roll of white deco mesh
-heart sign
-2 pack of bows
-cupcake liners
-start shaped plate
-red/white/blue designed plates
For the wreath:
I used the deco mesh rolls, along with inspiration from Pinterest, to make the red, white, and blue themed wreath. I used a medium wire wreath form from Walmart as the base. In hindsight, I wish I had gotten two rolls of each deco mesh color as I didn't have quite enough to make it as full as I would like. I started with the white around the inside, then the red, followed by the blue along the edge. I definitely needed more blue to make it fuller around the edges and more white so it wasn't so opaque in the center. But, for a few dollars, I achieved what I was looking for. I added the heart sign to the center, on the door hanger, and attached one of the bows. I then went back and picked up a wire garland to give a little more detail.

For the garland:
I started by taping the store bought garland to the entertainment center and added the second bow to the center.
This was super simple, easy, and quick! But, it was a little plain. So I took out my holiday scrapbook paper pack and cut a few triangles out of each theme. I strung some bakers twine through the top and voila! Still simple but extra cute!

A little trick I've started for organizing these holiday items: at the end of each holiday, I fold up the banners and garland, along with any other small décor items, and place them in a gallon size ziplock bag. I label them for the holiday and place them all in the same bin for easy pull out the next year. The wreaths are another story and unfortunately, for my husband's sake, I just can't stop! I've all but covered every inch of wall space in our outdoor storage closet. Next stop: the indoor storage closet :)
How do you decorate for the 4th of July? I would love to see! 

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