Monday, June 1, 2015

Summer Flip Flop Wreath

I was recently inspired by, you guessed it, Pinterest, to make a fun, new summer wreath using flip flops. I had lots of ideas and didn't really bring it all together until the end, hence why I don't have any step-by-step pictures. #sorry
I started by purchasing some supplies from the Dollar Tree: 4 pairs of flip flops (pink, green, orange, and blue) and a few summer signs that were pretty cute. I also found a huge roll of bright blue deco mesh and blue/green/yellow chevron burlap ribbon at Walmart on clearance.
I got in my craft storage closet and fished out a roll of this pink and green striped deco mesh and green polka dot ribbon that I had stashed with the Christmas stuff. Apparently a hot pink and green Christmas tree doesn't jive with those of the opposite sex so I set those aside for another project back in December.
I also had an extra wire wreath frame (medium size) from Hobby Lobby. So I divided up my supplies for two wreaths. I know, I know. A girl can only have so many wreaths...said no crafty girl ever! The blue/orange flip flops, blue deco mesh/ribbon, and one of the signs I am saving for a second wreath #comingsoon.

I just kind of went with the flow when putting this wreath together. I wanted it to be full but still be able to see out of the peep hole (this is the inside of our door before it was finished) ever since crazy man tried to break into my apartment a few weeks ago. But, I didn't have quite enough deco mesh so I filled in that small area with the green ribbon and then looped the rest throughout the wreath. I decided to use the green ribbon section as the top and place the flip flops in various directions around the middle.
I wanted a little more pizzazz though, so I went back to the Dollar Tree and picked up these fun bright pink clips and pack of green butterflies. I clipped/hot glued them on and Wah-Lah...the perfect, cute, summer wreath.
In total, this wreath probably cost me around $15 including the frame and deco mesh from Hobby Lobby. I always buy my supplies when they are 50% off and/or from the Dollar Tree. I absolutely enjoy crafting and seeing these finished products. I wonder if anyone has ever rented a storage unit for their wreaths? I kid...I kid...kinda #crazywreathlady
What's adorning your door this summer? Do you keep it simple with one wreath all year round or are you like, "A wreath, ain't nobody got time for that?" If you're like me and make one (or two, or three...) for each season, I would love to see!

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