Wednesday, July 29, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Happy Hump Day Ya'll!
Today I'm participating in my first What's Up Wednesday linkup! This is a monthly series hosted by Shay, Sheaffer, and Mel the last Wednesday of each month.
So, let's dive right in!
What we're eating this week...
The hubs has started a diet new healthy lifestyle so the pizzas, carbs, and fried chicken are out! I'm also going on week 3 of no soft drinks. I've given them up before but got hooked right back. Hoping to kick the habit this time...for me, it has to be cold turkey! One sip and I'm back on the caffeine train!
Instead, I've been cooking lean proteins and my favorite are steak tips in the cast iron skillet. So quick, easy, and absolutely delicious! I love the way I feel when I eat better and work out harder but not gonna lie, I would kill for some warm, out of the oven chocolate chip cookies #yummy
What I'm reminiscing about...
I'm definitely reminiscing about all of my childhood beach vacations. For fourteen years, my family traveled to Destin, Florida every fall break and oh, how I miss the memories. My Mom, Dad, brother and I, along with our family friends went every year together (8 years for me) and always had the best time. Since we kids graduated and went off to college we haven't had a vacation all together since (7 years!) but my Mom, Janet, Clay (my brother), and Colin (might as well be my second brother) are vacationing in Gulf Shores this week (without me...insert all the crying face emojis). This vacation is also bittersweet because Mark (Colin's father) passed away last fall. While we will never have another vacation like those days when it was just the seven of us, those memories will last me a lifetime!
And on to more light, and fluffy fun things...also, I'm headed to the beach in t-minus 7 days!
What I'm loving...
Pool Dayzzz

Finally getting my ring back after losing a little stone & my gorgeous manicure thanks to my sweet Momma!
What we've been up to...
On Saturday, we went and played mini golf!
It was soo much fun!

No surprise, I didn't win because this collegiate golf player always has to assert his mad golf skills...
What I'm dreading...
Taking my very last class of my collegiate career. You would think I'd be glad to get it over with, and  believe me, I AM!! But, I just don't wanna! I mean, I'm going on my 8th straight year of college for goodness sakes....someone please put me out of my misery soon! Honestly, I love everything about grad school except for the classes at this point. ONE MORE CLASS!
What I'm working on...
1. My dissertation
2. Preparing for teaching a course this fall
3. My dissertation
4. Did I dissertation???
What I'm excited about...
The beach with my absolute best bestie in all the land in t-minus 7 DAYS!!! I haven't seen my bestie, partner in crime, MOH since our wedding over a year and a half ago. Wilmington, NC will never be the same!!
And while I'm not exactly recharged for a new semester and my 8th year of college, I've always enjoyed the beginning of a new school year and the clean slate it brings. Since I was a little girl, I love the new school supplies, new outfits, new possibilities. It also means my FAV time of year is right around the corner...bring on fall and pumpkin patches, decorating for the holidays, Christmas cards, and lots of time with family and friends!
What I'm watching/reading...
Thanks to Shay's book reviews I've been enjoying Liane Moriarty's books by the pool this summer. I've read "My Husband's Secret" and "Big Little Lies." I'm currently halfway through "The Girl on the Train" and it's great!
And of course, I'm watching all The Real Housewives. I've watched every season in every city since they began (when I was in high school...yikes). They're my guilty pleasure. Currently blogging while watching new episode of case you were wondering...
What I'm listening to...
Gangsta's the only thing getting me through those workouts and believe it or not, my dissertation. Also, country because I love it and it reminds me of home.
What I'm wearing...
Pineapple Scarf: {Cato Fashions} Lace Tank: {Marshall's, old} Polka Dot Denim: {Marshall's, old} Bow Sandals: {Cato Fashions, old}

Tank: {Marshall's, monogrammed by me and my Mom} Denim Cut Offs: {Old Navy} Sandals: {Payless} Crossbody: {Francesca's, old}

Peplum Top: {Kohls, old} Denim: {NY&CO, old} Leopard Flats: {Marshall's, old} Necklace: {Cato Fashions, old}

How gorgeous is this statement necklace?! Get yours here! And it's under $30!!
What I'm doing this weekend...
Excited to go to another professional soccer match in Raleigh with the husband!
What I'm looking forward to next month...
Two Words: Beach Vacation
Also, Tucker (my furry son) turns 2 this week!!! Can't wait to celebrate!
What else is new...
My second journal article was published last week!

This little guy got a haircut last week and I miss his fluff! This is the before!
This month's bonus question: What will I miss most about summer?
Definitely this...all of this!






  1. We're trying to eat healthier & cut out sodas in our house too & it is HARD! Good luck with your last class & enjoy the rest of summer!

  2. Liane Moriarty's books are great! So perfect for summer.


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