Monday, August 31, 2015

Pastel Floral

Dress: {TJ Maxx, Jessica Simpson} Sandals: {Kohls, Vera Wang, old} Bag: {Dana Buchman, gifted, old} Bracelet: {Bijoux Boutique}
I immediately fell in love with this whimsical pastel floral print maxi as soon as I laid eyes on it at TJ Maxx a few weeks ago. The halter neckline is unique and the silhouette is so comfy and flattering. The floral pom pom sandals were the perfect touch along with one of my favorite handbags! Definitely a favorite that will be making an appearance again next spring!

Thursday, August 27, 2015

McQuerry Adventures: Wyndham Golf Championship 2015

Travis (the hubs) is a big golf fan. He played on his high school team and got a scholarship to play in college so I've walked my fair share of golf courses. When I was still in high school and he was in college, he would come home to play our local course every Tuesday night. I walked the entire course every Tuesday night for two years!
He has taken me to a few PGA tournaments including the Ryder Cup and last year's Major at Pinehurst (look at me trying to use all the right lingo...hubs if you're reading this you better stop now). #lettheeyerollsbegin
This Saturday he finally had the chance of a lifetime to see Tiger Woods (yay on the golf...nay on the personal life) play in person. Tiger who isn't doing so stellar off the course, or on, decided to play the Wyndham Championship in Greensboro, NC. We got tickets and headed out early Saturday morning to see him tee off at 2:00.

This was the smallest golf tournament I've been to and it was also the nicest. They had a big Margaritaville set up, the crowd was manageable, and the line was quick so we grabbed food when we arrived around noon. The weather was also perfect! Sunny and 85, still hot but not a total scorcher, with a slight breeze.
I had to snap a selfie at the entrance. I was trying to get the big Wyndham Championship banner in the background but of course our heads are blocking it. #tallpeopleproblems

This hole ya'll! We stood right here at this hole for over 2.5 hours. Hence the nice sunburn on my left shoulder. We had the closest spot to Tiger on hole #2. At 2:15ish he finally made his appearance and did he travel with an entourage?! Every other player had themselves, their clubs, and a caddy. Tiger? He had 20 security escorts, 15 other crowd control peeps, and 4 camera crews...I'm NOT exaggerating (okay maybe just a tad...but really!).

Not only did he decide to come right over in front of ME to test the direction of the wind, he decided Hole #2 was the most opportune time to take a potty break. The hubs was posted up right on the corner and even though the security guards had threatened us with our lives...I couldn't resist the chance to whip out my phone and snap a few pics! A gal next to us said she was going to do the same.

What? Is that Tiger Woods smiling? And on the golf course?
YA'LL!!! The hubs TOUCHED TIGER WOODS! Please understand this is not my excitement, but the hubs' being reflected here. Although after this happened, I might have been just as pumped!
And that gal who was also snapping pics? She got this with her shutter speed! She was next to Trav and just happened to snap it at the perfect time. I texted it to my Dad and of course he said, "How do I know that's Travis' hand?" Lololol...Travis wasn't impressed. I promise, this is him Dad!

The closest to Tiger we'll ever be (and I really couldn't care less).

After that excitement (and almost being stampeded by the 30,000 people who were all there just to follow Tiger around), we headed back up towards the clubhouse to let our adrenaline settle and get some more water. This sand sculpture was pretty neat and a good photo op.

Not my typical #ootd!
The first tournament I went to, I was all about the fashion, as always. But, I was so hot and miserable I wanted to strip off all my clothes in front of God and everybody...I did not care! From then on, I go with as little/comfortable of clothing as possible. I even did tennis shoes this time. Sure, there were lots of other girls there in Lilly Pulitzer dresses and Jack Rogers. And believe me, by the time 6:00pm rolled around, they were literally in tears and limping around.
My hubs has a strategy and he's all about seeing as much as possible. There is no slowing down...except for snacks!

We caught back up with Tiger a few holes later (#8 & #9). Watched him putt and tee off again.

Then we got more water (I swear we spent $20 in water alone) and more snacks. The hubs and I have a deal for these golf things...I go and do not complain as long as I am provided unlimited snacks. It's a pretty good deal and we're both happy. I'm still craving peanuts in the shell thanks to this!
We found a good spot to wait it out on hole #18 to see the finish. We witnessed Tiger make his farther drive that entire day which was pretty neat (insert my eye roll here).
We had a great day together and I love seeing my husband so excited!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Trend Spin Linkup: Pink Stripes

Skirt: {Target} Top: {Stitchfix, old} Necklace & Bracelet: {Bijoux Boutique, old} Heels: {Payless, old}
I scored this #fab black and white striped skirt at Target for $12 a couple of weeks ago! It was hiding out in the swimsuit section and just happened to be my size. I've been loving this skirt trend for a while and snagged it right up as soon as I saw it. Thankfully it fit me perfectly!
I paired it with this vertically striped hot pink blouse for a style challenge theme this week {stripes on stripes}. The pop of pink is perfect along with the black floral statement necklace and striped bangle. Both of the statement jewelry pieces are from my online jewelry shop, Bijoux Boutique.
What's your favorite striped closet staple?! I can't wait to style this skirt all fall and winter long with sleek tights and plaid flannel button-ups!

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

What I Wore Wednesday

It's been awhile since I shared what I've been wearing. Here are some of my favorites from the last couple of weeks:
Blush + Olive
Top: {Marshall's} Denim: {JC Penney} Flats: {H&M} Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique} Bracelet: {Bijoux Boutique}

Black + White
Dress: {Marshall's} Hat: {Cato Fashions} Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique}

Coral + Chevron
Palazzo Pants, Tunic, & Tassel Necklace: {Versona Accessories} Sandals: {Payless Shoe Store}

Purple + Gold Lace
Blouse & Shorts: {Marshall's} Necklace: {??} Sandals: {Payless Shoe Source}

Neon + Monograms
Shorts: {Versona Accessories} Tank: {Marshall's, monogrammed by me & my Mom} Necklace & Monogrammed Clutch: {Bijoux Boutique} Sandals: {Payless Shoe Source}
Pastel Maxi
Maxi: {TJ Maxx, Jessica Simpson} Bracelet: {Bijoux Boutique}
Fruity Fun - Pineapple + Chambray
Tee: {Cato Fashions} Button-Up: {Marshall's} Denim: {JC Penney} Sandals: {Payless Shoe Source}

Teal Lace + Black and White Floral
Skirt & Flats: {Cato Fashions} Tunic Blouse: {NY&CO} Tassel Necklace: {Versona Accessories}
Gingham + Polka Dots
Tank: {Old Navy} Button-Up: {JCP} Denim: {NY&CO} Flats: {H&M} Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique}
Hat: {see previous post} Cover-Up: {Marshall's}

Lace + Gingham
Top: {Kohls} Skirt: {??} Sandals: {Payless Shoe Source}

Monogram + Cut Offs
Hat: {see previous post} Top: {Lou & Grey, Loft, gifted} Shorts: {Old Navy} Sandals: {Rainbow}
Green + Tassels
Dress: {H&M, clearance, $7!!} Heels: {Cato Fashions, clearance, $5!!} Tassel Necklace: {Cato Fashions, clearance, $4!!!}
Total Cost of Entire Outfit = $16!!!!
White Lace + Mint
Tank: {??} Necklace: {Bijoux Boutique} Denim: {NY&CO} Sandals: {Payless}

Leopard + Black Denim
Denim, Tunic Blouse, Tassel Necklace: {Versona Accessories} Flats: {Target}

Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Favorites

It's my last official Friday of the summer before the semester starts back up next week! Trying to soak up my last weekend of summer fun! Today I'm recapping my favorites from the past week.
My best friend from Kentucky came down last week for a mini beach vacation. You can read about the full trip here.

Sitting my bum in the sand was definitely a favorite from the past week!

These donuts ya'll! The BEST EVER!!!

And the Reese's pancakes at Kate's Pancakes weren't far behind.

We did lots of shopping during a rainy day. I love this Jessica Simpson dress I scored at TJ Maxx for under $30!

And this gorgeous little green number?! Found at H&M on sale for $7!!! Throw a blazer on and it will be perfect for work and school.

Tatum took me to this place called "Old Time Pottery." I had never heard of it before but it was like Hobby Lobby on steroids! I was in heaven and completely overwhelmed. We mostly just perused the aisles taking it all in. I had to snap a pic of this gorgeous piece for future reference. I think it's perfect for a little boy's nursery/bedroom.

This was one of my FAVORITE beachy outfits! I finally wore this gorgeous gold pocket monogrammed tank that my Mom and I made.
This Monday it was back to reality. But, I have a new FAVORITE desk/office for this school year. And it has a window. Let there be light!

My new space!

My FAVORITE monogrammed hat finally arrived this week...a few days late for the beach so I put it to use at the pool instead! I have been waiting on this beauty for over a month! I love the distressed details on the edge!
I took a couple of pictures from each side angle to show you the size and angle. I ordered the "cobalt" color because it's my FAVORITE! I love the script monogram and mesh in the back.

I paired it with my favorite new cobalt cover up and headed to the pool late afternoon on Wednesday. You can order yours here.

And finally, my new FAVORITE...pokey sticks! Apparently these are an NC State tradition so I had to try them right?! They were heaven in a pizza box.
Cheers to the weekend peeps!

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