Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Tucker's 2nd Birthday

I'm such a bad doggie Momma! Tucker turned 2 almost two weeks ago and I'm just now getting around to blogging about it. We had a blast celebrating our little boy!

We had to have a little photo shoot in his bowtie which he got for his first birthday last year. Bless his heart, he had just been groomed a couple of days before this and they had to shave his little ears this time around...

Then and Now! First birthday to Second birthday! Stop growing up little pup!
The night before Tuck's birthday we went to the local DQ in Wake Forest for Miracle Treat Day! We treated him to his very own little vanilla ice cream! Don't worry, we only gave him a few licks...or several ;)
The big pup on the morning of his birthday...(btw...I'm fully aware of my ridiculousness and that he is a dog, but he is our first baby and always will be).

I picked his cake up from the same bakery (Gourmutt's Barkery) that made his first birthday cake. We went with green this year.
{last year's cake}

Once Poppa (the hubs) got home, we let him dig right in! He goes to town on that cream cheese icing. Look at that sweet little face with a cake beard.

Birthday Selfie!
Tucker is thinking, just put me back down so I can eat my cake!

He got a new bed (since he chew's them up like toys) and a big cow squeaker toy, along with new treats.

And a fancy, "Barkday" hat! :) :) :)

Me and the Birthday Boy

One more family selfie with the Barkday hat...why? Well because I spent $8 on it dang it!

A couple of days later he had a birthday card in the mail from his Nini and Pops (my in-laws) with $2! dollar bills this year for his second birthday! Haha! Our parents are as bad as we are!
Happy 2nd Birthday Tucka Beanz! We love you so much and you are such a bright and happy spot in our day. You always love us and are a source of comfort on the rough days! Don't know what we will ever do without him in our family.

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