Thursday, September 10, 2015

DIY: Candy Corn Jars

Today I'm sharing my latest (and by far one of the cutest) DIY project for Fall décor. I came across this tutorial on Pinterest back in April.
DiY Mason Jar Candy Pedestals--SO simple to make & so cute!  Swap out the seasonal candy to use them all year long.  #DiY #masonjar #crafts
I purchased the supplies (with some modifications) to make these beautiful white candy holders for Easter décor. Here is what I bought:
Dollar Tree:
-3 glass candlesticks
-3 glass jars (different sizes/shapes)
-set of chalkboard stickers (which I ended up not using)
-black spray paint
-E6000 glass glue

While the Dollar Tree did have mason jars, they only came in one size and I wanted my jars to be three different heights, like what is shown in the picture. Instead, I found three different round jars, one which had a lid and two that did not.

I originally purchased white spray paint back in the Spring but didn't get around to making them until now. I had black spray paint left over from other craft projects which was perfect for making a different version for fall. See the inspiration here:
These are obviously a bit different and would require different supplies but I wanted to create a fall version since it's now September!

This project was super simple & easy. I  followed the directions from the first tutorial to a tee. I spray painted the candle sticks and jar lid. One coat was almost enough but I had a few lighter areas that I went back and touched up.

Once the paint was dry, I put the glass glue around the tops of the candlesticks, let sit for 30 seconds, and then attached the jars to the them. It is a little tricky at this stage to make sure they are centered correctly. Mine definitely have a few imperfections in this area but they look fine for my purposes.
I purchased a bag of candy corn (could have used 2 bags to fully top them off) and a bag of the little pumpkin candy. I'm not worried about the two holders that don't have lids because: 1. I don't plan on actually eating this candy and 2. I don't think this candy will dry out...but I'm not positive because I don't eat it (candy corn...yuck) but it makes pretty decorations!
I don't have a lot of room to decorate in our small 700 sq. ft. apartment and usually our entertainment center mantle is my go to place to add some holiday cheer. With the addition of the 65" TV...this year's decorations were a little more of a challenge (thanks hubs)!
{small glitter pumpkins are from Walmart last year}

Overall, I think they turned out great and I'm even more pleased with these than I thought I would be! I plan to use this black set for Fall, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and maybe Christmas. I still plan on making a white set for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Easter, Fourth of July, and Christmas also. A green or red set would be super cute for Christmas too!
I think these would make great gifts! They're simple to make, easy on the wallet, and sweet to the tooth! I plan to make a few sets for Christmas this year!
Check back soon to see how I decorated the rest of our mantle/entertainment center for Fall! Not to toot my own horn, but it is sooo cute!!!

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