Sunday, September 20, 2015

My 25th Birthday

Last Saturday I turned the big 2-5! 24 flew brought assurance in my graduate studies, confidence in myself as a researcher and academic, comfort in my marriage and role as a wife, and a feeling of being at home in North Carolina with my husband, coworkers, and friends. 24 was nothing short of awesome! From my short haircut last fall (major change!) to my new found love for holiday decorating and crafting, I loved 24!
This was a bittersweet birthday as we lost our family friend Mark a year ago to the day. Unfortunately, the actual day of my birthday was one of those no good, very bay days where every little thing that could have gone wrong did. But, I just had to laugh because a bad luck birthday is far better than no birthday at all! The hubs and I actually had quite a few laughs about the constant turn of events throughout the day!
Friday night Trav wanted to take me out for a little pre-birthday dinner. I wore my fancy, hot pink peplum dress from Express that I scored on discount from TJ Maxx a couple of years ago.

I paired it with my favorite statement necklace from Versona, a NY&CO leopard clutch, and nude heels. Not gonna lie, I was feelin' myself just a little bit #feelinlikeBEY

The next morning we got up early and headed to the beach. The weather forecast changed almost overnight so I wasn't sure if we should still go or not but I had been looking forward to it for weeks so the hubs said we would trek on, if for nothing more than the donuts!

I wanted to go back to Carolina Beach, where my friend Tatum and I went in August and where the hubs and I usually go. It's also where Britt's Donuts...aka the best donuts in located. They are the BOMB! Honestly, the best part of my birthday :)

Finally, the BEACH! And do you see that...the sun started coming out! Perfection...for about an hour.

You have to take a selfie on the beach when it's your birthday right?!
Shortly after this photo it got really cloudy and started to drizzle. But, we weren't gonna let that stop us from enjoying the sand and waves. Until it started raining harder, and harder...we finally admitted defeat and packed back up to head into Wilmington for lunch.
That's when things started going down hill. The traffic was hour later we had been 10 miles and the hubs decided we were just heading back to Raleigh. Once back in town, we relaxed for a little bit, got in our workout, and then headed out for my favorite! Stay tuned tomorrow for a dressing room diaries post of all my finds and picks from my shopping outing!
After my shopping adventure, we headed to our favorite steakhouse. It was later in the evening and apparently the cook decided he was done because my steak was served pretty much rare. I sent it back and it was still rare. At this point it was almost 10pm and I decided I didn't want to wait or deal with them any longer. Their customer service was horrible!
Poor hubs, he offered to take me through a drive thru wherever I wanted. I decided on steak and shake (remember...the only thing I had eaten all day were those two donuts!) for a birthday shake and cheese fries. Well.....45 minutes later we finally had my food...LOLOL. Other customers were honking in the drive thru, pulling off without paying or getting their food. It was at this point that we just had to laugh. I was thinking, come on God, can a girl not get a meal on her birthday?!
Overall, it was a great birthday. I am thankful I got to go to the beach, no matter how short; I had a blast shopping at my favorite store, and most of all, I spent a wonderful day with my husband. I do not want to take this life and all of its abundant blessings for granted.
Here's to being 25! I can't wait to see what all this year olds!

Also, thanks Mom for the major throwback!

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