Thursday, October 22, 2015

DIY: Halloween Wreath

Hey Ya'll! I'm back today with a quick deco mesh Halloween wreath tutorial!
I caught all of the Halloween supplies 40% off at Michael's back in mid-September so I stocked up to make a fancy deco mesh wreath for Halloween! I am in love with all of the fun details and enjoyed hand picking each and every one!
Wah-La!! My finished product. Below, I will step you through the simple, three step process I used.
Supplies: (all purchased from Michael's)
  • orange garland wreath form (with pipe cleaners for attaching mesh & décor)
  • 1 roll of wide (16") deco mesh in the color/pattern of your choice
  • various decorative sprays - I used 5 large ones (purple witch's hat, orange "Boo" sign, purple pumpkin, and two witch's legs) and 8-10 glitter sprays
  • 1 center sign or piece of décor (I used a pre-made sign I purchased at Michael' could do a witch's hat, cauldron, broom, etc.)
  • thin fastening wire in black
 Step 1: Attach mesh around wreath form, starting with the outer rim:
Then fill in the inner rim to provide fullness. I used my entire roll of mesh to make it as full and dense as possible. Because the mesh is opaque, I wanted enough layering that you couldn't see through.

Step 2: Add your centerpiece. In my case, this was as simple as attaching the sign loop to one of the wreath ties using the thin wire. Adjust the length so it hangs where you like.

Step 3: Add your decorations.
This step is where it got tricky for me. Some of my decorations (witch's hat, "Boo" sign, pumpkin) were too heavy for my wire to hold. I wound up mostly using the wreath form ties to hold my sprays in place but that limited my placement. Just an FYI!

I started with my main features at the top and then added the fun sprays around the sides. I added the witch's legs at the bottom very last.

How fun & glittery?!

Hanging outside my door (at night...sorry for the low quality lighting...I did this at 10pm!).

So fun! I'm super excited with how it turned out.

It's the biggest and most fragile wreath I've made so I'm treating it like a prized possession on my door! The hubs is not a fan!! haha...

One of my favorite details...the purple witch's hat!

And my absolute favorite, the witch's legs!!!
What do you think? Do you have a Halloween wreath? While you can buy them premade at Michael's (for like $70!!! or more!) I enjoy the process of creating the vision and seeing it come to reality through my hands. It never turns out exactly how I envisioned...always better!

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