Tuesday, October 20, 2015

The Cinnamon's Come to Town

Recapping our weekend today! My parents came to Raleigh for the first time ever!
We've lived here for almost two years now so we were extremely excited to see them and show them around our new home.
I had work and class until 6pm on Thursday night but after that it was straight to the hotel to pick up my parents. We stopped by our apartment for them to see the sweet little home we have made here and then it was off to one of our favorite steakhouses, Firebird's. We enjoyed a super delicious meal and my parents were impressed! My Mom swears the salad was the best part of her meal there! She loved it so much.
Friday morning we headed out to see some sights including where we work, go to school, etc. We stopped by Tupelo Honey, another one of my favorites, for lunch.
Mom and I outside Tupelo Honey
I gave them the driving tour of Raleigh and hit every major stop: NC State main campus, centennial campus, college of textiles, Meredith College, where the hubs works, downtown, Cary, etc. After that it was off to shop!
Mom and I found some great deals on clearance at Belk. I will have to show those another day!!
Friday night, once the hubs got home from work, we all ventured over to the Angus Barn for our first experience at this Raleigh original. It was nice fine dining with a casual air, you are eating in a barn after all. We all loved it, my parents especially, because it has a farm feel and a rich history. The old farm machinery outside the barn was really interesting to see and my dad was telling us all about it.
But ya'll...this meal right here!!!

The food was delicious and this place more than met expectations. While it is definitely pricey (a special occasion, anniversary, birthday type place) it was the perfect place to celebrate my parents being in town and seeing them for the first time in months!

My hubs' favorite part: The gun room!

My Parents at The Angus Barn

Me & the Hubs at The Angus Barn
The next day was their last and happened to be the College of Textiles open house where our labs are open on Saturday for prospective students and the public tour. This worked out perfectly. We went early and I gave them the behind the scenes, VIP tour! They saw the manikin I work with to conduct my research along with Pyroman. We took a tour of the library and had some ice cream made fresh from the NCSU dairy.
Then it was time for lunch: a visit to the only remaining Raleigh original restaurant that is a favorite of ours...The Pit!! You can't go wrong with NC BBQ!

Dad, Me & the Hubs at The Pit

Dad, Mom & I at The Pit
It was a quick trip but we had an absolute blast! My parents had a great time and I soaked up each and every second. By having them here, the hubs and I realized how much we have grown to consider Raleigh our home. While it isn't where we were raised or spent the first twenty-some years of our life, it is OUR home that we have created together. You & I babe...against the world!
But, seriously, I have THE BEST parents in the world. They are so gracious, generous, humble, and giving. They mean the world to me and every accomplishment and achievement in my life is due them and the foundation of Christ they set forth before me as a living example. God has truly blessed me with the most wonderful family. The only thing missing...my brother. Now, we just need to do it all over again with him!

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