Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Decor 2015

Today I'm sharing our Christmas décor!!!
I am in love with our tree this year. The special ornaments with unique meanings are starting to add up and I'm using less and less "filler" ornaments. Growing up, our Christmas tree was full of personal ornaments that we either made, received as a gift, or represented a milestone/hobby. I want the same for our tree.  
I'm still in love with our stockings and matching monogrammed tree skirt. I have to say we are going to need a bigger tree if our family keeps growing...OR I just need to stop buying so many gifts! I would buy and buy for everyone if money was no object but unfortunately, it is. you see the BEAUTIFUL ornament wreath stealing the show in the background?! Well don't worry...I have a tutorial for that coming up soon! It's my favorite Christmas decoration I've ever made...even more so than the gorgeous tomato cage tree I made last year (see below).

I moved my candy dish holders from the "mantle" to the kitchen island. I absolutely love this burlap placemat I found at "At Home" this fall. It's perfect centerpiece decoration. Thanks to me and the hubs, the M&Ms and Reese's are completely gone already (insert monkey covering mouth emoji).

I'm still in love with my deco mesh tomato cage Christmas tree I made last year. Unfortunately, it doesn't look quite this fluffy and put together this year. A year stuffed in the storage closet didn't do it much help!

Love my monogram tree skirt. This pic is from last year so not all of our wrapping papers are this cute and coordinating. This year I picked up a bunch of $1 rolls in different metallic from the Dollar Tree. I liked switching it up a bit.
I mentioned in my Thanksgiving recap post that I got to visit Marketplace Gray for the first time. If you haven't heard of them, check them out on Facebook or Instagram. I could have bought the whole shop but I had to keep it on a budget and it had to fit in my 4Runner to get it home (other wise I would have bought this gorgeous robins egg blue round table!).

I knew as soon as I saw this adorable barnwood Christmas Tree it was coming home with me. It's made from old rulers and the trunk even has the hometown printed on it. The turquoise jewel on top was perfect for my kitchen which is red and turquoise.

I also picked up this super cute vintage cross-stitch ornament!! Love!

Of course Tucker was posing in front of the tree in his UK jersey ready to cheer on the CATS!

I love the twinkle lights at night. I plan on leaving this puppy up until after New Years!!

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