Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Monogrammed Boots

I am in love with my new monogrammed boots & crossbody bag! I thought I would show how I styled both pairs:

I have had these polka dot leggings for years and they've just been sitting in the drawer. I never knew what to pair with them until a few weeks ago when this idea came to mind. I threw them under this denim tunic (supposed to be a dress but a tunic on me ;) and paired them with my brown monogrammed boots and crossbody purse. 

They're also great paired with black glad I chose the black embroidery thread...I wear a lot of black. But, I loved the brown so much I went back for the black. These were purchased wholesale through my online boutique and were over 50% off online. 

I wear so many "all black" outfits in the winter,..these are perfect with the white circle font monogram!

These will pair perfectly with my black and white sweaters and leggings!

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