Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

 We were so blessed to be able to travel home again this year to spend Thanksgiving with our family in Kentucky. We hadn't seen most of them since our July 4th trip...the longest we have been away. It was great to have 4...albeit very quick...days at home.
We drove in Tuesday night and arrived around 3am..as per usual. That is definitely not the fun part. But the hubs drove the whole time and I actually slept. I had an early meeting at the University of Kentucky the next morning (no rest for the weary) so I needed to catch some shut eye on the drive.
After my meeting on Wednesday morning I headed to see my bro...we met my Mom in Lexington for lunch and did a little shopping around town. Then I headed straight to see my in-laws and play the super popular Breakout Games for the first time.
We played the "Kidnapping" scenario and the five of us somehow managed to breakout with 16 seconds to spare! I wasn't sure what to expect but it was really fun. Frustrating at times but definitely fun! We had dinner with the fam afterwards and then it was back to try to get a full night's sleep.
My husband has been looking forward to this trip all year...and I'm not exaggerating. He loves to duck hunt and talks about all year with his cousin. This year, our oldest nephew joined and they all had a great time. This is from Thanksgiving morning's hunt...a goose was the prize! And yes...people in KY wear shoes...I just wanted to run out for a quick pic!
Then it was off to start the marathon day of Thanksgiving feasts. I loved finally wearing my black hat I found at Walmart this summer for $7!

At Cracker Barrel celebrating my Nana's Thanksgiving dinner.

The cousins & my Nana. This was the first Thanksgiving without Papaw which was hard and very different. We miss him but know he is rejoicing with the Lord now.

The Cinnamon Family...Dad, Bro, Hubs, & Mom

Thanksgiving Pic from later in the day at Travis' Memma's Thanksgiving

The McQuerry Clan...I got some great pictures with my Canon Rebel. I love getting to pull it out and use it for special occasions. My poor children one day...I can't wait to use it more regularly!

My brother and our Memaw

Little Tucker in heaven...all attention on him.

Me, Memaw, and Clay
After the marathon of Thanksgiving dinners (4 in total spread out over 1.5 days) Mom and I enjoyed a little shopping on Saturday. We went to a cute new little shop in a small town where my Memaw lives called Perryville, Kentucky. A girl from my hometown started it. It's called Marketplace Gray and they have the cutest, vintage and handmade goods. I found some super unique Christmas decorations but will save them for another post.
Then we headed to Catos were I scored some amazing pieces on deep discount!!! If it's not on clearance, I'm not buying! Here's a sneak peek at one of the dresses my Mom picked out for me:
This dress was under $10! It happened to pair perfectly with my black denim and monogrammed boots I had on that day. I can't wait to incorporate all of my new pieces in my wardrobe after Christmas. What can I say...I need clothes like I need a hole in my head but I just love fashion!!!
Of course we enjoyed lots of great dinners and family time. It only left us longing for more time and looking forward to our week long trip home for Christmas!


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