Wednesday, December 14, 2016

McQuerry Family Vacay

As soon as my parents left, the hubs' family arrived. We spent Sunday with them at Wakullah Springs, Pebble Hill Plantation, and had lots of pool fun! We joined them in Destin later in the week for a few days of soaking up the sun.

Doak Stadium

Wakullah Springs Boat Ride

Tucker's Best Bud Carson

The Fam on the Beach

Another reason Destin is my favorite place on Earth!

Dinner at Margaritaville

Pool FUN!

Beach with the Nephews!

Family Beach Pictures

We adore these little (big) nuggets!

Dinner at McGuire's

Late night walk on the beach to search for crabs & turtles!

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Go Noles!

In between my parents leaving for Kentucky and the hubs' family arriving for a week of vacay we slipped away for our first FSU football game! Literally, the morning my parents left Destin, my in-laws left KY for Tally! Unfortunately, we had to leave the game early and it turned out to be a nail biter in the end! It was a great first experience at Doak!

Tomahawk Chop!


The Grease themed half time band performance was the amazing!


My parents came down for a week in October. They arrived on Saturday evening and we got to spend Sunday and Monday with them before it was back to work for us. They headed down to Destin and we rejoined them Friday afternoon for one last dinner before they traveled back to Kentucky.

After relaxing with pizza and watching the game Saturday night, we headed to campus first thing Sunday morning. 

Picture at the fountain at Landis Green.

After a campus tour, we headed to Doak Campbell Stadium.

Then it was off to Thomasville to tour Pebble Hill Plantation with my parents. We capped the day off with dinner at our favorite local spot, Harry's.

Monday, we took my parents to Wakullah Springs to the gators!

Then it was back to reality for a few days for us.

We did make it to Destin for one afternoon in the sun & sand!

Beach selfie before dinner!

My sweet Mom!

Love my Dad!

Dinner at our very favorite! McGuire's!!!

First time my parents had been back since our family friend, Mark, passed away. My Dad left a dollar bill in his honor. 

Monday, December 12, 2016

McQuerry Adventures: Football Birthday

For my birthday this year, we had a fun-filled weekend! We headed down to Gainesville on Saturday to watch UK play in The Swamp. It was awesome...minus UK getting absolutely whipped!

We got there early for the Cat Walk to greet the players off the bus. IT WAS SO HOT! This was the hubs' idea btw (insert eye rolling emoji)

THE SWAMP...definitely impressive

We had great seats!

"God made, Jesus saved, Kentucky raised"

Billy Donovan. They recognized the back-to-back basketball national championship teams from almost ten years ago. Coincidence they did this against UK? Haha...I think not.

Gator Chomp

After this I quit taking was UGLY!

Said hello to Tim Tebow on the way out!

The next day, Sunday, we celebrated my birthday with a day trip to my favorite place on earth...DESTIN!!!!!

Also, coincidence snapchat had a crown filter that day...I think not again! ;)

I could live on this beach!

He knows me well..chocolate cake AND cookies! Plus some super cute new Seminole digs!

Had a blast, as always, traveling and making fun new memories with the best husband that ever did exist!

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