Monday, January 11, 2016

DIY: Marbled Mugs

Today I'm sharing a super cute DIY project I completed for a few ladies at work last weekend!

This was such a simple project. You can find the tutorial I followed here. I used nail polish colors I already had on hand (blue, green, pink, orange, two shades of purple, and metallic gold as an accent).

 I will save you the trouble of hunting down cheap, plain white mugs by telling you to go to Walmart. These were 0.88 cents versus $3-$4 each at Marshall's, Tuesday Morning, etc. I started by looking at the Dollar Tree but they did not have any plain white mugs, only red and orange and black. So save yourself some time and go to Walmart first!

I used an old Tupperware container, filled it with piping hot water, and slowly added a few swirls of each color plus the gold last. I dipped the mug at an angle and then turned it upside down to dry. 

A few tips I learned the hard way:

-Swirl your nail polish around the outer edges of the container. I started by added nail polish mostly in the center. This placed most of the color on the bottom of the mug! 

-Add your nail polish as close to the water as possible so it doesn't drop down to the bottom.

-I found dipping once was better than dipping twice. The mug I dipped only once (purple) wound up being my favorite. I had to go back with Acetone and clean up some of the extra from the second dip on the others.

I gift wrapped these in super cute neon colored gift bags with polka dotted confetti tissue paper. I color coded the gift bags to the mugs so I would know which mug to give to which girl.

Overall, I think they turned out great for a project that cost me less than $5!!! 

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