Monday, January 25, 2016

Life Lately: January 2016

It's been a quick start to the New Year as I wrap up the last full semester of my Ph.D. and am in the thick of the job search process. I attempted to enjoy my last full week of Christmas Break the week of New Year's but unfortunately, I let papers and interview prep get the best of me.

We enjoyed my "last weekend of freedom" by hitting up Cabela's for ammo for our handguns & catching the movie Hateful Eight. P.S. New Year's Eve is a great time to go to the crowds, no lines, and any seat in the house to choose from!

The hubs always wants one of these icee's and never treats himself. He definitely treated himself...yikes! {and no...he did not get his free refill with the large...he didn't even finish half of this!}

I wasn't looking forward to Monday morning but I knew I had a ton on my list so I went in super early, a couple of hours before everyone else arrived. It was nice to see my article in print on my desk...definitely a great motivator to continue all my hard work!

By Friday, I was done-zo!! I am trying to block out 1-2 days per week for writing, especially before my human performance wear trial begins in March. Well, January has been crazy with multiple travel weeks but I did spend this particular Friday prepping my interview presentations, working on journal article edits, and got my early morning workout in. By 4:00pm, I decided retail therapy was a necessity! Scored this super cute wrap front top with aztec print on the back for $6!! at Cato Fashions.

The hubs' and I caught a weeknight NC State basketball game on a whim. They were playing Louisville and tickets were cheap...well after being almost an hour late thanks to rush hour traffic and NC State getting whooped...the highlight was the ice cream! Still had fun with this sweet man though!

Santa was good to me this year and brought me this #fab purple handgun so I can learn to protect myself in case another criminal gets the idea they are going to try and break into our apartment while I'm home alone!

The hubs and I finally got the opportunity to hit up the shooting range. We tried the first weekend of Christmas Break but apparently everybody in America bought a handgun for Christmas this year so there was a 7 hour wait! We went back last weekend on a Saturday night and got right in. But, you'll notice...I'm shooting the hubs' glock because that pretty purple misfired after a few shots and now the trigger won't engage...grrr! So off to Ruger it goes to be fixed...hopefully it's back in time for our Conceal Carry class in a few weeks!

Instead, I shot the hubs glock which is the most finicky of small handguns to aim...apparently...or so my hubs says. I did pretty good with it though I think (see pic below)!

Not gonna lie, guns are not my thing. Growing up on a farm they were used out of necessity not for fun or sport so it took me a little while to get acclimated in the range. The noise was overwhelming and frankly, scary (I've watched too much TV!). But once I fired the first shot I was okay. 

The hubs was a great sport, very patient with this dramatic wife, and a thorough teacher! We had a great night making new memories.

I'm currently recovering from a whirlwind week with my first on campus interview and am prepping for another national conference this upcoming week. From NC to FL and back again, and now off to Texas for the first time ever!! 

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