Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What "My Style" Means to Me

 Today, I'm talking all about style. Specifically, what my style means to me.

beauty = uniqueness If you look like the clothing commercials, mannequins....every other person in a crowd...that's not beauty. It's a copy cat & boring as hell.:

Unfortunately, I feel frustrated about sharing all the details of my outfits here on the blog, or even on Instagram, and I want to take a brief pause to explain why. First, I never want to come across as materialistic or narcissistic. For me, clothes and accessories are my passion...hello I have multiple degrees in fashion and textiles. I understand these items are fleeting...here today and gone tomorrow. My self worth and identity are not defined by the latest brand or style or trend.

However, I do take pride in my ability to put together a cohesive look that uniquely expresses who I am and what I am feeling at the moment. I understand that many may be inspired by my style...and nothing is more flattering! I know that I personally am inspired by so many ladies who share their closets daily on Instagram and in the blog world. But, I don't do it for likes or compliments. I just love fashion and documenting my "creations." For me, fashion is a form of creative art.

Diana Vreeland Quote about style and to be originally. Great words:

Now that I've explained what my style means to me, maybe it will be easier for others to understand why I'm hesitant to continue sharing all the details of my pieces. Under past, and current circumstances, there have been times when others have decided that it is far easier to simply copy my style instead of being "inspired" by it. Instead of using my style as a means of gathering ideas and formulating them into original ones, they simply copy + paste directly into their own closets or worlds without a single acknowledgement that it is not their own idea. For me, it is so personal, I liken it to stealing someone's intellectual property...I know that might be taking it to the extreme...but I imagine it is just as frustrating.

When I put together an outfit with the perfect accessories: necklace, bag, earrings, shoes...just to see someone else directly copy that necklace, or hair style, or hair color, or shoes, etc. it is no longer flattering. In fact, it is the exact opposite. It does not make me want to share more but close off & shut them out. It is perfectly fine to be "inspired" by others, but sad to see others so unsure of their own identity and style that they must simply copy cat others in every area of their lives.

I want to leave this on a positive note, as expressing my thoughts regarding this topic has been helpful for me. I've gone too long feeling that I had to cover up the constant elephant in the room, or closet ;)...so to say. Whether this message reaches those that need to hear it, or falls on deaf ears, at least I know I have been able to share how frustrating it can be for the person who strives to creatively express themselves in a way that is unique from others.

You can mimic a result, but not the creativity. www.creativeleader.com:

So, if you don't see me sharing as many outfits or details, hopefully you will understand why. Please don't hesitate to ask though!!! For me, it is the covering up or playing "dumb" part that is the most frustrating, not the actual copying. All I ask is that you at least acknowledge where you got your "inspiration" from.

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