Monday, March 7, 2016

Go CATS! UK vs. SC

Recapping our trip to South Carolina a few weekends ago to catch the CATS in action!

I was not a fan of the alarm at 6:00 am on a Saturday morning! hair seemed to be! #greathairday

I think you can tell neither one of us is really fully awake in this photo! Off to Columbia, SC in #alltheUKgear

Same arena...almost same seats as last year's game! The atmosphere was SOO different this year though. There were still plenty of UK fans (at least 50/50...if we didn't out number them in their home arena) but SC was a lot more confident (I'm being polite with my word choice...they were a bunch of arrogant a** can finish the sentence).

The game definitely escalated quickly with Cal getting two T's and tossed in the first couple minutes of the game. I think it was good for our boys put some fight in them. It was a pretty hostile environment for much of the first half but those SC fans...NO Loyalty...they were leaving at halftime/right as the second half began when we gained a 15 point lead.

This is our "we are surrounded by the enemy" faces. I may or may not have had to slap the hubs on the leg a few times to keep his 'tude in check. I was not going to jail to bail him out!

Of course, the hubs being the huge creeper fan he is, we had to stalk follow the players around the court to get a glimpse of the radio show. The hubs patted Jamal Murray on the back and then I was "allowed" to leave.

We had a great per usual!! Anything involving my alma mater's sports teams, especially UK basketball #BBN is a favorite for us. (I'm literally watching UK whoop LSU as I'm typing this. #GOCATS)

I LOVE my monogrammed Kentucky "Home" pullover from Etsy. You can check out the shop here: SSouthern Monogram Etsy Shop and their Facebook Page. But, not as much as I love that handsome man standing beside me. I love sharing all of life's adventures together.

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