Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The McQuerry's Do Destin 2016!!!

Today I'm recapping our recent vacation to Destin and linking up with some other ladies to share our favorite vacays! A little background info on Destin: I grew up vacationing there every year from the time I was 10 until I went off to college. My parents continued going with my younger brother and then with our family friends for a total of 14 years. When I graduated high school I went with my husband (boyfriend at the time) and his family and we stayed in a large beach house with 20 people! 

I've traveled to Paris, London, Edinburgh, Spain, Disney World, NYC, LA and the list goes on but for me, the happiest place on earth is most definitely Destin!!! So when the opportunity arose, we headed out on a Saturday morning after dropping the little fur baby off for a week of pooch pampering.

It was the hubs' actual birthday and I felt guilty that we were going to spend 10 hours of it in a car so birthday donuts were definitely in order!

We had to make a quick pit stop in another Floridian city (more details on that to come) so we celebrated at Ted's Montana Grill. For our first experience, it was okay. But will we be making a special trip back? Unless the hubs really wants a bison burger, probably not.

We had one more night in Tallahassee and I attempted to use a selfie stick for the first time...then I broke it! Clearly I need more practice.

After we took care of business, we were off to Destin, FINALLY!!! 


We stayed at the same resort my family has stayed at every single year: Pelican Beach Resort. I hadn't been to Destin in 8 years! Yes, this was long overdue...I think 8 years straight of college/grad school earns you a few days at your happy place. This condo was definitely the nicest I've ever stayed in. A lot of the units have most likely been remodeled since I stayed there but this one had all the bells and whistles. It was very clean, comfy, and cozy! (Unit #1104 in case you are wondering.)

On the first night, I knew exactly where we were heading first! McGuire's!!! If you've never been, you are not living! This still stands as THE BEST steak of my life! And the atmosphere is so fun!!

We had a great time and added another dollar bill with our names on it!

Our first beach day was a little cloudy at first but turned out to be sunny later in the afternoon. I enjoyed reading while hearing the relaxing crashing of waves. This book was excellent by the way: All the Light We Cannot See

Dinner Night #2 

(I will do a separate post recapping WIW on vacation)

We ate at Callahan's this night and it was good but I would have tried something new looking back. It is a very casual place but they do have a good steak. Also, we are not seafood eaters (I know...how do you vacay at the beach) so we were mostly looking for good steak places.

The hubs loves Krispy Kremes and the light was on as we were leaving dinner so we had to make a quick pit stop for dessert and breakfast.

Then we headed to Harbor Walk Village which I hadn't been to since the hurricane wiped it out and it has been all rebuilt.

Found the cutest little sign!

Beach Day #2 I broke out the monogram bikini!!

Travis and I made the five mile walk down to the harbor and back just like I used to do with my Dad each year. Unfortunately, we paid for it because we got super burnt and didn't know it! Whoops!

Dinner Night #3

We decided to try a new Italian place: La Famiglia Was it delicious? YES Was it overpriced? Also yes...

Then we hit The Track Destin for putt-putt. We had a blast and it brought back so many childhood memories for me. If we hadn't been so tired and burnt (that walk really took it out of us) we would have ridden go carts but we decided to return to the comfort of our condo.

I LOVE THIS COMBO! This monogrammed hat is everything and matched my bikini perfectly. 

I spotted dolphins from our balcony this day and got some great shots with my big camera.

Ready for Night #4! The hubs found a little local bbq place with great reviews and it did not disappoint. It was DELICIOUS! It was called Buck's Smokehouse. So good...would be a great place for lunch!

This blush pink, suede, button front, scallop skirt is everything!!

We went to Destin Commons to shop and look around after dinner. They had a Shark Tank store and we love to watch that show. I got a special little goody in here that I can't wait to share soon!

I had to buy a sweater because we decided to go to the movies and you know its always freezing in there!

Had to get Kilwins while we waited for the movie to start. The hubs decided he wanted to see Captain America: Civil War even though we haven't seen any of the 10 previous movies related to it. And of course, go big or go home right? He only wanted to see it in IMAX 3D which didn't start until 10pm and it was a 2.5 hr movie. It was good but we didn't get back to the condo until 2AM! That's what naps on the beach are for!

Last Beach Day! (insert frowning emoji)

I spent the last day reading and napping under the umbrella. The resort has a great cafe and tiki bar for drinks. They give you a free $25 gift card to use so we had pizza at the cafe on our last day. It was great!

I had to document our vacation in the sand!

The last night I wanted to take a few pictures with my big camera on the beach. It's something our family always did and I wanted to have our own pictures. I used my tripod and 10 second timer and somehow lucked out with one or two decent ones. Not to mention there was a wedding happening 50 feet next to us!

Aren't the colors just gorgeous! The clear water and blue blue skies are my favorite!

After pics, I made a quick outfit change for dinner.

Then it was back to...you guessed it! McGuire's! Ya'll I'm not kidding! This is seriously the best food ever! All of our friends who still vacation in Destin always reserve at least two nights for McGuire's.

Then we headed out to the outlets for a couple of hours of shopping.

Sunrise on our last morning. Goodbye Destin!! But we'll BRB ;)

This was truly the best vacation because I got to share it with my husband making our own traditions and new memories. It truly is a second home to me and I can't wait to share it with our own children one day.

P.S. I apologize for such a long post...except not really because Destin is da BOMB! And you must vacation there soon! 

The resort has great deals, especially during late April/May as schools aren't out yet so it slows down a bit (so if you're kidless this is a great time to go). We stayed in a one bedroom condo with two bunk beds and pull out sofa that can sleep six and it almost cost more to board Tucker for the week than it did for us to vacation!

If you have any questions about Destin please feel free to send me an email: academicaccessories@gmail.com

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