Thursday, May 5, 2016

Duke University Recap

 A few weekends ago the husband and I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous weather by catching a Duke baseball game at the DBAP (Durham Bulls Athletic Park). The game was great because Duke lost...if you're a Kentucky fan like us you will understand. While we were in Durham, there was no better time to explore Duke University's campus. We wanted to see Cameron Indoor Stadium, the Chapel, and the gardens. I have to give them credit, Duke has a gorgeous campus, like something out of the movies. And it definitely lives up to its elitist reputation from what we gathered in the few short hours walking around campus.

These aviators are my fave!

Go Miami!

The building in the picture is actually not Cameron Indoor. It is currently undergoing tons of construction and nobody wants to look at scaffolding.

Walking through the middle of campus and all the frat houses. My husband was like, "Do any of these guys own a shirt?" LOLOL

The Chapel

The Chapel

We ran into a group of gals who funny enough were from Frankfort, KY. They asked us to take their picture and then volunteered to take ours so, why not? They did a great job, especially trying to use my Canon rebel.

The gardens were our next destination and just a short walk from the chapel. They were so beautiful, peaceful, and calming. 

The flower gardens were my favorite.

And these super cute little buildings flanking the gardens. 

It was an absolutely beautiful day for a baseball game and taking in the campus. We love exploring new places and taking in new experiences together.

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