Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tucker Allen McQuerry

It's Show & Tell Tuesday (a day late): Pet Edition so I'm linking up to share our favorite little guy!

Tucker Allen McQuerry
(First Birthday 7.31.2014)

Tucker came to us on a bit of a whim. Having a little dog was something I had always thought about but was too scared to actually do. Growing up, we never had animals in the house. We lived on a farm so our dogs were not welcome inside. Plus, my Dad was super strict about no animals inside policy!

At the time, I was finishing my Masters, three months away from getting married, running a small business, teaching courses, taking classes, and managing a lab. So, why not add a brand new puppy to the mix?! Yes, looking back, it was the craziest time to get a dog yet the best time!

My husband (fiance at the time) randomly saw an add in the newspaper for a teddy bear pup for sale. He was interested and after looking into it further, we fell in love with this sweet, precious, little GIRL! Yes, you read that right, we called the "breeder" as advertised and let them know we wanted her and would be there the following weekend to get her. We proceeded to name her (Maddie Mae) and buy all things purple and pink!

On Saturday, the hubs and I took a 3 hour road trip to pick up sweet little Maddie Mae...except it wasn't at a was a local pet salon. We walked in, smiling ear to ear, and asked for the little girl teddy bear pup. I could tell immediately by the look on the young teenager's face that something was wrong. He went to get his mother, the salon owner, who proceeded to tell us the dog had sold earlier in the week. WHAT?!?!?! I was so shocked, confused, devastated, and outraged. She explained that someone else walked in with cash so they sold her!

Needless to say, that did not end well. My husband demanded she give us the number of the actual breeder (as these people were falsely fronting as the breeder and were reselling the pup for more $$. Thankfully, she had two little brothers left but I couldn't get my mind off of little Maddie Mae. After many tears and deep breaths, we arrived at the true breeders and they were so sweet and understanding. They were quite outraged at what this woman had done and were glad we let them know.

The breeder went to get the two little brothers and they came bounding down the hill, tails wagging, two little balls of white fluff. I didn't know how we would choose until the first one came right up to my feet and put his paw on my shin. I looked down into those big black eyes and that was it! I scooped Tucker up, held him in my arms, and knew I didn't want to ever put him back down. He got a bath, we signed some papers, and we were off on an adventure we were not even close to being prepared for!

Happy tears on the way home! This was 5 minutes into our journey home before he pooped and peed all over me and his purple taxi carrier. 

I love these pictures! He was so wittle!! Look at that little tail! All of his toys were pink and purple including Ellie the Elephant which was bigger than him!

That first day was rough but we started potty training and he slept a lot. My fiance at the time, now husband, left to go back home and I stayed in Lexington (an hour away) with the little guy for our first night all by ourselves!

We continued that arrangement until we got married a few months later so I was solo on the multiple middle of the night potty breaks, feedings, walks, etc.

The hubs and I laugh hysterically every time we look at this picture! These were taken within seconds of each other and his facial expression with Travis versus with me is just too funny! Clearly he was not having it!

After his first Puppy-Cut!

Tucker was eventually allowed in my parents home on the weekends, slowly but surely my Dad came around. Now, the first person my Dad wants to see when we come home is Tucker! My parents absolutely love him!

First Wedding Shower

Of course he stole the show at the wedding too in his little tuxedo!

Tucker did great transitioning to North Carolina. We celebrated his first birthday and since then, time has just flown by!

He loves celebrating the Holidays!!

We had no idea on September 28, 2013 what a sweet, sweet little blessing God was giving us! He is such a comfort to us and is our "child" right now in this stage of married life. He brings us lots of laughs, cuddles, and wet kisses!

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