Sunday, July 10, 2016

4th of July 2016

We had another great trip back home to Kentucky for the July 4th weekend!

Knowing this was our last trip before our big move to Florida, we decided to take a few extra days than normal to really enjoy time with family and friends. We arrived around 9:00 pm on Thursday night after the hubs took off around Noon. It was so nice to be home before it was even dark and not have to drive until 3-4 am.

Don't mind the little "pup"-squeak in the background ;)

Friday morning we headed to upgrade our Iphones. We had been overdue for an upgrade and decided to grab the new 6sPlus. They are huge and are still taking some time to get used to! But we love them!

After that, Mom and I headed to Cracker Barrel for some breakfast and then had mani/pedis along with a little shopping!

That night we traveled to Lexington with my parents, brother, and his girlfriend to play the Breakout Games. Between all 6 of us, there were only a few rooms we hadn't done so we chose the Derby Heist that is unique to the Lexington location. It was so much fun!!! We had a blast together.

After "breaking out" we headed to Joe Bologna's (a local Lexington pizza joint) and then Graeter's for ice cream (another Lexington favorite)! It was definitely a night to remember with family.

Saturday was jam packed with hair appointments and party planning. This easy breezy dress kept me comfy and chic all day long!

I chopped all my hair off! AND I LOVE IT!!!!

I'd been wanting a good chop ever since the #hairdresserwhoshallnotbenamed screwed it up this spring. I decided to go for it, and thanks to my best friend/hair gal, it is FAB-U-LOUS! And best part?! The hubs LOVES it too! I'm surprised because he usually likes my hair long but he keeps complimenting me on it ;)

Mom and I spent the afternoon in Lexington picking up last minute party supplies. Then I met up with the hubs and his parents to do a little shopping. I found this great polka dot print dress on clearance and it was plenty long enough...which is a hard feat for this six foot tall gal! (for size reference...I'm wearing an 8 and it was plenty long enough).

On Sunday morning we headed to church and I had to pull out my patriotic digs! Still in love with this LuLaRoe Amelia dress! 

I love this man more than words!! He makes my heart so happy!

After church it was go time for the graduation party my parents threw for my PhD! We put together a few decorations...including these huge white balloons my sweet husband blew up for me #husbandoftheyearaward!

He really should get a Best Husband Award...does this t-shirt count?! 

My best friend Tatum came and helped with the set up, took all the photos, served everyone as needed, and cleaned up. She is a saint! And I love her so much! 

My Dad's side of the family. Wish we had gotten one with my Mom's side. We forgot about taking pictures and they had already left :(

My brother(s) and their gals!

The In-Law's & Extended Fam

My Mom made me this cute little sign!

Loved Tatum's idea to do a balloon send off. It really does signify the huge new adventure the hubs and I are about to embark upon.

I couldn't do this life without him! He's my rock (outside of Jesus) and I don't know where I would be without him. 

The nephews who snuck outside to take a few pics without me...

How cute is this Dr. McQuerry hanger?! 

I am so blessed by my family and friends. We received so many gifts and cards even though we did not mean for gifts to be brought. I am so grateful for the community who helped raise me.

On Monday, we finally got to see our nephews for a longer period of time. Long enough to give this cutie his early birthday gifts...Under Armour outfit sets. I think he liked them but again they are clothes.

Tucker and Carson had a big time playing together while the adults played poker.

The fireworks got rained out (i.e. my frizzy hair) but the cookout was still on. It turned into a 6 hour poker game that went until well after midnight! (can you tell the pic was taken after the poker game...LOL?!)

Also, how cute is this tank? All thanks to my Mom who is a monogramming machine! Although we did realize we used the wrong vinyl...not iron on (insert eye roll).

On Tuesday, I had a meeting at the University of Kentucky with my previous professor. Afterwards, we had to hit up another Lexington favorite that we crave all the time...Ramseys! Fried chicken? YES, please!

After lunch, we headed to my Aunt's house in LEX where I lived for 5 years before we got married. Needless to say, I had some cleaning out to do. 3 hours later, we tackled it, with most going to be donated and little taken back with us...which was a feat for me! #clotheshoarder #idefinitelyneedtherapy

We wrapped up our last night with dinner with my fam! Now we are prepping for our big move to FL in less than two weeks...EEEKKK! It's getting real!

*P.S. I will do a separate post with more of the PhD party details!!

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