Sunday, August 14, 2016

Tallahassee Livin'

Well, it's been a few weeks since we moved and Tallahassee is already starting to feel like home. We've been busy decorating (or I have), getting to know the city, trying to find a new church home, and starting our new jobs. I thought I would write a short update to let our family and friends know how it's going and also for us to have to look back on.

The Move:
The moving process could not have gone smoother (minus a couple of very unprofessional movers in North Carolina). The truck arrived with our things the day after we drove ourselves down so it was go time pretty much immediately! Everything was unpacked by Noon and we did not stop until well after sun down trying to get it all unpacked. We spent the first week putting everything in its new place. I made quite a few trips to Walmart, Home Goods, Kirkland's, and Hobby Lobby picking up a few extra decorative items here and there.

Our New Home

The Apartment:
We love our new place! The apartment community is great! From the amenities to the apartment finishes, we could not be happier. I love the look of the dark hardwood floors throughout our kitchen and living room. Having the second bedroom is great as it serves as a guest bedroom and my office. The additional space in the kitchen is soo nice, especially the large island. And don't even get me started on my GINORMOUS walk-in closet that I get all to myself!

We purchased a new mattress for our bed and a full set for the guest bed a few days after moving. We also added a new desk to our bedroom for the hub's office space. I finally decided on new bedding and a rug for the living room. We are slowly but surely adding the last finishing touches. I'm still on the hunt for the perfect size/shape/style coffee table and curtains for the living room.

The amenities are amazing, as well! The pool is fabulous and never crowded. The grill area is great and we are conveniently located to all of it, including the gym and mail area. We tested out the gym for the first time last weekend and it was extremely roomy with top of the line equipment. Although we loved our last place and were satisfied there, this new place is above and beyond!

Gallery Wall


The City:
So far, we've gotten out and about to do a little furniture shopping and go to Church. We are already loving the convenience of the city as it is smaller than Raleigh with much less traffic! We went to our first concert this weekend and had a blast. Tallahassee definitely has much more of a southern feel that we're used to than Raleigh did. We tried Sonny's BBQ (not specific to Tally) for the first time after Church last week and it was DELICIOUS!! We're looking forward to exploring other new restaurants in the area and returning to El Jalisco in was so good!

We tried our first new church last Sunday and let's just was not the experience we were hoping for. I won't name names but it was our first ever stereotypical, large, contemporary church experience. We found it lacking in theological depth, emotionally connective worship, and personableness. I also questioned the method of preaching which meant it was out of the running almost immediately. Travis did some more research online and found a church that hadn't been on our radar before. We visited this morning and I think we may have found our new church home. From the minute we walked in the door we felt welcomed, more than just a number, and were immediately introduced to the pastor, small group leader, and a family who was from Raleigh. Every conversation we had felt like it was no mistake that God led us there. We will continue to pray for wisdom and discernment in making the final decision for our new church home.

Travis has been working remotely for his company back in NC since we moved and, bless his heart, still trying to take his real estate course at night as soon as he finishes work. I feel like our roles have reversed and now he's the student so maybe that's why I empathize with him so much! He is hoping to finish his course and sit for the exam in a few weeks or so.

I just finished my first week as an assistant professor and I am honestly pinching myself! It seems far too good to be true...I love it so much! Yes, it is a lot of work but when you absolutely love what you do, it doesn't seem like "work." I have to make myself stop and go home! Of course, I am ready and glad to get home to the hubs but I am excited to get back to campus the next day and continue where I left. My colleagues and all those I have come in contact with so far have been nothing short of friendly, welcoming, and extremely helpful getting me settled in. My office and the lab are great! I am excited and ready for the challenge ahead! I do not believe God could have placed me in a better position starting out in my career.

So far, Tally has been so good! We are looking forward to putting the final finishing touches on the apartment, getting our FL licenses, visiting some nearby towns, and getting to know the area better! Here's to another great month in Tally!

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